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About Us At England Web Design


At England Web Design, we are your full service web development agency. We cater for the following services:


Web Design and Development


Being a full service WordPress web design service, we create fully functional, and responsive websites for businesses. Being WordPress based, we can easily integrate eCommerce applications, we can integrate the latest, and best SEO functions, and, we can make your site fully responsive.




SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is absolutely vital. There is no point creating a great looking site, only for no-one to ever see it! That's why, we optimise each and every single site that we create. In addition, we offer ongoing SEO services that are designed to increase the authority of your site through effective link building, and, traffic creation.
Both of these avenues are critical to your online success. For instance, with no traffic to your site, there are no sales, with no sales, there is no revenue...and so forth.
Another key area  for the SEO on your site is content. The content of your site must be relevant, non-spammy, and optimised. That's the difference between getting professional web designers to create your site....and doing it yourself! When we create content for your site, we optimise it for better Search Engine Rankings.
Another service that we provide for our clients is pay-per-click(PPC). This is where you can appear on page one of Google(provided that you are willing to pay for the privilege). Generally, you either pay for each impression(every time your ad appears), or you pay for every time that someone clicks on your link. This can be an expensive way to get to page one of Google, however, it can also be tremendously effective...especially if you have not yet organically reached the first page of the Search Engines. The cost of PPC can vary wildly, however, clicks costing 5 to 10 pounds each are quite common.


Where We Service


Being an online service, there are, strictly speaking, no boundaries to where we can service. However, in the UK, as our name 'England Web Design' indicates, we cover areas mostly related to the South-East.
In particular, we specialise in covering London and the Greater Metropolitan area, all areas of Essex, Kent, Middlesex, Sussex, and Hampshire. This area coverage is for both our design and SERP services.


Contact Us


It is quite easy to contact us. There is a contact form on the front page of our site. In addition, we can be reached by calling 01224941227, or by emailing admin@englandwebdesign.co.uk

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