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In the south of England lies the port town of Dover. This famous home of the ‘white cliffs’ boasts great local tourism and proximity to links to France. For businesses to survive, e-commerce in becoming increasingly important.

To share successfully in e-commerce, your business needs a great website. That’s where we help. Our Dover web design agency can help get you noticed online. This, in turn, can get more customers to your business, and more income through your tills.


How We Can Help



Our Dover web designers create great WordPress sites. You may wonder what makes them great? Firstly, they are responsive on any electronic device. Secondly, they are optimized for SEO(Search Engine Optimization). And, lastly, they look great!

Using WordPress means that your site can be ready in as little as one month. It also means that it will function perfectly. And, it will have the necessary attributes for Search Engine Rankings(SERP).

The great thing for your Dover Kent based business is that we are a full service agency. We not only make your website, we also provide 12 months ongoing support for any full priced website. And, we’ll provide you with documentation necessary to operate, and update your site. Not many companies provide this level of support!

How Much Will It Cost?

Your new website is not a toy, it is a vehicle for financial returns. Handled properly, your website can significantly increase your companies’ profits. Considering the potential Return on Investments, you’ll be surprised at how affordable your website will be. A fully optimized, responsive, and attractive website can be online in one month from only 1199.00 pounds + VAT.


How To Get A Quote, Or Contact Us


Getting the ball rolling, and starting your e-commerce investment couldn’t be easier. Simply fill out our Dover local web design contact form, or call us on 01244941227.

When you contact us, your local Dover Kent web designers, you are starting on a road to increased revenue. So, why wait? Contact us today!

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