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At England web design, we are your local web design agency in Kent UK. With 20 years experience in building and marketing businesses, our team of creative web designers will help your business reach the next level through effective online marketing and marketability.

Businesses today are becoming more and more focused on online retail, and the amounts of purchases continue to rise, so you must have an effective, and responsive website in order to compete with your peers. This is where we can help.

What We Do

In order to give our clients a responsive, optimized, and great looking site, our team of #1 website designers in Kent build using the WordPress platform. The beauty of this type of platform is that it allows assembly of great sites without time consuming coding.

What this means, is that your site, instead of being built by code, from the ground up, is, instead, integration and customization of preexisting modules and templates.

For you, the owner, WordPress also brings many benefits. Each site is optimized using what are known as ‘plugins’. These allow the content of your site to appeal to both readers, and search engines alike. In addition, for owners, C.M.S.(content management systems) are an additional benefit. How so? Well, once your website is functioning, the CMS will allow you to update details such as pricing, or inventory, without paying a developer to adjust large amounts of code. This ease of adjustment makes WordPress a great portal for Content Management Systems.

In addition, we can install Google Analytics tracking on your site, so that you can see things like: how many visitors your site receives, where they come from, what demographics visit, and, most importantly, the bounce rate(how many people find your homepage uninteresting) of your site.

Further, once your WordPress site is functioning, your team at Website Design Kent will provide you with documentation to familiarize you with your site, and, in addition, provide you with ongoing support for 12 months.

How Much Does It Cost?

Each of our websites are ‘bespoke’, that is, they are tailored for your business. Therefore, prices will vary according to what adjustments you require for your needs.

However, for a basic, fully operational business site, prices will start at around 1199 pounts. For an e-commerce site with shopping cart integration, prices start from around 4,999 pounds. An important factor to remember is that each site has the potential for a superb R.O.I(Return on Investment). When you consider the amount being spent in online sales today, this will be an investment that will  have the potential to reap you substantial rewards.

Our website design agency in Kent knows the local market. We know what it takes to succeed in Dover, Canterbury, or Folkestone. Why, our office is in Kent, so we are truly your local website design team for Kent. When ordering your new business website, it is important to remember that to succeed in Kent, you need a team that is experienced in Kent life.

How Long Will My New Website Take?

Our aim is to do more than make money. Therefore, we will not rush your website. We will prepare you a fully bespoke, responsive, and optimized website that will serve your business and clients well. To that end, a new, fully completed website can take up to a month before being passed over, to you, the client.

For Blog posts, or social media profiles, the time taken is considerably less. Your new Blog page, or Social Media profile can be ready in as little as one week. Be assured, though, that quality is our prime consideration, not speediness. We aim to be your first choice for quality website design in Kent UK.

How To Reach Your Local Kent Website Design Agency

Service is a prime consideration for us. Therefore, in order to reach us, simply visit our Contact Page, or, call us on 01244941227. We aim to respond to all questions within 24 hours, or, at most, 48 hours. You will find our team of Kent web designers to be courteous, respectful and knowledgeable. So, call us today and start investing in your future!