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Google Analytics

One of the Greatest barometers of how your website is faring is the tool known as ‘Google Analytics’. It is almost without parallel in it’s usefulness…are you using it?

Google Analytics – A Diamond Saw Among Tools

What makes Google Analytics so useful? As mentioned, it is a barometer of your website’s status, In what way? In so many ways! For instance, how many visitors have you had? Where did they come from? What demographics comprise your traffic? What time of day do they visit? All of these questions, and so many more, are answered by this fabulous tool!
You may wonder why you need all of those details? Well, those details can mean either the success or failure of your business. As an example, your marketing strategy online, your SEO, can sometimes run afoul of Google’s latest algorithmic update. However, you may not know of this with Google Analytics. This tool will show you a traffic drop, thus indicating that you have an algorithmic penalty….or worse. So, armed with that knowledge, you can now make the changes necessary to recover what was lost.
Another fabulous advantage is that of planning. Only by knowing where your successes, and failures, are now, can you decide what to do in the future. These analytics give you an accurate breakdown of what is happening now, where you are currently standing.  Then, with this tool, the information that you gather can mean the difference between successfully planning future marketing campaigns, or resigning to mediocrity. For instance, Google Analytics tells you why, when, how, where and what is sending traffic to your site. These details are absolutely vital. Are your visitors originating from ‘Organic Searches’, ‘Paid Traffic’, or, from a recent campaign that you may be running? Knowing which areas have been successful for you is key to knowing where to aim from that point on.
A major tool, that should not be underestimated is your website’s ‘bounce rate’. This may be a term that you are unfamiliar with, so let me explain….Bounce Rate is the percentage of visitors who come to your site, look at one page, then leave. In effect they bounce off your site. Bounce rate tells you that the visitor probably found your site uninteresting, dull, or of no intellectual or practical interest. Forearmed with that knowledge, changes can be made that will assist with visitor retention.
Now, of course, this is not an exhaustive list of  Google Analytics‘ benefits, there are so many more! However, the point is, that the wealth of information that this tool presents is, in a way, like a foundation on which a house is built. The foundation(of knowledge) that these analytics provide, should, and will form the foundation on which your marketing house will be built. And, just as a house without a foundation will collapse, any marketing campaign that does not have sufficient foundations in knowledge, will also fail.

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