WordPress for Functionality

When it comes to web design developments in recent years, little beats WordPress as an complete champion. Gone are the obligatory days of lengthy coding and beta-testing. Now, Getting a great looking website has never been easier, especially in the areas of functionality, search engine rankings, and design appeal.


WordPress – A Brief History


The forerunner to this platform was a blogging platform called “b2/cafelog”. You probably haven’t heard of this because it was discontinued back in the early days of the millenium. However, we should be thankful for this forerunner, because two of it’s developers, Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little decided to build upon it’s platform.
So, on May 27, 2003, WordPress received it’s initial release. Even though it was not as polished as the version we have today, it was well received. This new product, was, of course based upon b2 Cafelog. However, this new product contained significant improvements. Some of these were the addition of an admin interface and  XHTML 1.1 compliant templates.

WordPress – How It Helps You

For your business, we strongly recommend using a WordPress based website. In fact, we develop and use it for our web development almost exclusively. Why?
Creating you an appealing and responsive website has become much more effective and productive, with the advent of this great new platform. When it comes to your business, you want a site that not only ranks highly, but also looks great for your customers. this platform allows this.
In fact, it has become so synonymous with productivity, that sites like BBC, and Disney, Facebook Newsroom….and many others, have adopted it as their platform.
You can be sure that if big Brand names use this platform, that it will also benefit you. In addition to peer approval, WordPress also offers you, the business owner, ‘plug ins’ that allow better Google Rankings, Seamless Integration, and, Social Media interaction.

WordPress – Your Ongoing Champion

Another key benefit of WordPress is CMS. What, you may wonder, is CMS? In short, it stands for Content Management System. This means the ability for you to manage the content of your website.
How does this platform benefit your CMS? Each of these sites have an admin dashboard, where your details, plug-ins, and, design can be updated without the length exercise of re-coding the site.
These CMS capabilites mean that updating key information on your site no longer is the domain of expensive web designers. Once your site is established, you can update the content of your site easily, and without supervision.

What We Offer As Your England Web Design Agency

At England Web Design agency, we are WordPress specialists. Our aim is to bring you a great looking, responsive, and Search Engine Optimised website that will get more traffic to your site, more sales to your company, and, more revenue through your coffers.
We have the experience of having built so many business related sites, that we can be certain of providing you the best targeted website that will showcase your products and services.
We optimise each of our websites for responsiveness and search engine compatibility, so that even after the job is completed, you can be sure that your new online platform will continue to perform for years to come.
And, when it comes to Content Management Systems, our sites will be delivered to you with a working knowledge of handling your content management, documentation for reference, and, ongoing support for 12 months.
In order to get a responsive, optimised, and, great looking business site Contact Us Now for an obligation FREE quote.
We look forward to working with you to achieve better online traffic, client retention, sales and revenue, so get in touch today, we are looking forward to working with you to achieve your goals!
To reach us, simply call us on 01244941227, email us at admin@englandwebdesign.co.uk, or, use our contact form on the homepage of our site



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